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the WHAT

CertLog is a web platform to design, generate and issue award and achievement certificates. For example, lets say you are hosting a training program or an event for which you would like to issue a participation certificate for your attendees. Using CertLog you can choose a design from the template library, design a new template or upload your pre-designed template to generate and issue certificates electronically for all your attendees within minutes from anywhere.

For businesses, CertLog facilitates monitoring ongoing events and execution details with feedback and help decide future course of action. It enables organizations to engage and expand their communities, and attest their products and services. For individuals, CertLog facilitates a robust and secure online profile and share across social and professional networks.

the WHY

As trends show that organizations are migrating to electronic workflows, studies convey that the upside of these transformations are significant plus saving time and diminishing costs. There is a critical need to automate and improvise internal and external harmonization between organizations, individuals and communities.

The social media and professional networking trends call out significantly for making connections and facilitate greater information sharing and outreach to relevant communities of interest.

the HOW

Stewardship is the key to ensure full utilization of assets. CertLog facilitates effective information management and supports timely day-to-day operation at all levels. Enterprise wide information can be shared instantly at key decision points. CertLog's automated and electronic processes takes a huge responsibility partly off your hands providing an opportunity in itself to refine, improvise and make additions to the process which are executed efficiently and timely.

For individuals, CertLog facilitates showcase of their talent to a larger audience, to align with a purpose greater than themselves and to share their recognition in a community which honors their significance.

CertLog - the one stop for all your certificate needs!

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
by George Eliot

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
by Ayn Rand

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Design certificate

Design your certificate on your own or customize using thousands of templates.

Keep certificates on cloud

Store your certificates securely on
Amazon S3 .

Share Certificates

Share your certificates instantly with your colleagues, organization, friends and family.

CertLog Templates

With CertLog, numerous templates can be created and some of the templates created are shown.